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Granada, the city's finest restaurants, museums and historic sites are all within walking distance.

Las Isletas

The Granada Islets, or “Isletas de Granada”, in Nicaragua, is a wonder of nature of volcanic origin, possibly formed by an explosion of the Mombacho volcano, when it was still active. There is one islet for each day of the year, that's 365.

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Masaya Volcano

Only 35 kilometers from the Granada, the Masaya Volcano National Park is the first, and largest national park in the country, consisting of a volcanic caldera with two volcanoes and five craters. Its crater “Santiago” has an altitude of 635 meters above sea level, and continuously emits large amounts of sulfur dioxide.

Mombacho Cloud Forest

An increasingly popular tourist attraction, the volcano has views of Lake Nicaragua and the city of Granada. The volcano also has two hiking trails, a moderate one that circles the main crater, and another, more difficult trail (El Puma), which must be led by a guide.

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Laguna de Apoyo

Laguna de Apoyo is a freshwater lake occupying the pit of a resting volcano. This landmark is located between the cities of Masaya and Granada. Its crater was formed over 23, 000 years ago and it has the form of an inverse volcano.  Its crystalline waters are extremely clean and slightly heated from the volcanic activity deep below the surface.

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